Sexual by Nature

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Why are we here? This is a question that has been asked probably since the evolution of consciousness. As individuals, this can be a profound and many-layered question. The answer is so incredibly personal that it is hard for most … Continued

Porn Through the Ages

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When someone says the word pornography, what jumps to mind first? For most people, we would think that the first thing you think of is explicit movies and clips on the internet. Although that is where our minds go first, … Continued

Our Capacity

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Do you currently feel or have felt in the past overwhelmed, exhausted, reclusive or unmotivated? I think that most of us have felt at least one of these things within our relationship designs at some point or time period of … Continued

Average Penis

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This simple fact is something I have spent too much time thinking and worrying about. I am not alone. Perhaps I should start a 12 step program for “normal people” who are insecure about their physical attributes because negative self-talk … Continued

Evolution of Boobs

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Modern human societies are obsessed with breasts.  We look at them, talk about them, enhance them, and use them to sell everything from toothpaste to luxury cars. What is our fascination with boobs? When did it start? Although many will … Continued