If you know me or E, you know we are not huge TV watchers, on average about 3-6 hrs a week. Mostly movies. And then there are the times when I have had a down day, or needed to be mindless in the past, and found a show on Netflix, HBO, or Hulu, and well…, you know that “binge” thing that happens.
As I scrolled through the options, I saw this show called, SexLife. Ok, you know that caught my eye, it had S.E.X in the title, so of course, I paused for a moment thinking, “Ooo that looks like something I need to check out at some point.” So that point came around when I needed to take some time to do my nails on Sunday.

Oooo WoW!

Have you seen it yet? (no spoilers in here if you haven’t)
Do you know what I’m going to say next?
If you have seen it already, you may know a couple of things I may say about it! Sexy, steamy, and oh so many other descriptive words.

I have to start off by saying the sex scenes are SEXY and so delicious for me. And there are a lot of them so that totally appeals to my visual turn-ons. You may use the term voyeur if you would like, as I identify as one of those! ;) Meaning-I like to watch.

Ok, now let me bring you back to my actual point cause just remembering/visualizing some of those scenes are soo turning me on this very moment!!

I noticed that Billie, the main character’s thoughts and feels, was right in line with my own feelings throughout my life and most women I have worked with. They are real and rawly put out there in this show. All the emotions, good and bad. From the point of view of a CIS woman, like me.
A woman with needs and, yes, a sex drive.
In some situations, I was going, “oh damn, I know how she’s feeling right there,” in that sucky kind of way and also in some of the most delicious ways ever. And some situations could be fantasies that you have never had but would want to become a reality.

Of course, I picked out the whoa’s, “oh no, don’t do that. You haven’t washed your hands first.” Or, “where the hell are the condoms?” Yes, knowing what I know about human sexuality, I notice those things cause I know what the consequences can be. And those consequences are those that you and I don’t want the lived experience with.

But throughout all of it, I was saying, “you need to have a conversation, just talk about it!” Then thinking, oh, that’s right, you weren’t taught those foundational skills to support yourself at this moment.
I know, I know. It’s just a tv show, Dragonfly.
Yes, and it’s real-life scenarios! The scenarios I know to be real-life truth cause I have had them, and maybe you have too. I know everyone I have worked with so far has. Just sayin!

And then I got this big smile and internal warmth explosion inside me going–yeah, and you got the information to get her all that she requires within her relationship and more, she doesn’t need to go through all of that!
Oh, how that made me tingle to think of. And then I felt something else…excitement because the stuff I got is accessible to the world, and that’s YOU too!

It’s interesting how everywhere I look, because of the knowledge, depth of awareness, and observing eyes. I see where you, I, and the other humans on this planet could use the evidence-based education skills that Pure Orgasmic Love provides.

Ok, yes, I recommend checking out the tv show SexLife, but more than that, I encourage you to connect with yourself for a moment.

Ask yourself:

-What situations in your relationship would’ve been different if you would’ve had practical communication skills?
-What would you desire to experience in your sex life if you had the knowledge you needed to engage in that experience?

Orgasmic love & hugs from my heart to yours,

Dragonfly xx