You weren’t taught what you need to know about relationships and sex.
Pure Orgasmic Love offers evidence-based, not-so-sexy, and sexy education that makes your life more orgasmic!

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Wanna be on a path to a more pleasurable relationship and life

It’s a foundational belief of Pure Orgasmic Love that everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, age, or ability, deserves to learn and experience their relationship with happiness and pleasure. Pure Orgasmic Love has the tools, practices, and community to help you grow. 

It is not just one thing that makes your life amazing, and that’s the same for learning how to have successful connective relationships and mind-blowing sex! This journey will include learning better communication, having more profound connections with yourself and your partner(s), and (our favorite) having toe-curling orgasms!
Since it’s not just one thing that goes into a fulfilling life for yourself, POL doesn’t teach just one thing. We teach you a variety, from the non-sexy to the passionate and sexy stuff. Whether you want to heal feelings of sexual shame and traumas, explore the intersection of complete health and sex, better express your desires, deepen erotic pleasures, or alternative relationship designs, I welcome you on this journey.

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Education and Connection at your fingertips! Live monthly discussions, weekly content, guided breathwork, community, and more.


Weekend introductory learning experiences  for the goddesses and partnerships identifying as monogamous & non-monogamous relationships.

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Introducing my “Reconnect & Discover Immersion Package” – the perfect way to reignite the spark and embark on a journey of love, pleasure, and growth together.

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I wanted you to know that that day was only the second time in our 48 years together that I was moved to tears by my orgasm. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful experience.”

~L & J

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