Hi, I'm Dragonfly,

I welcome you on this path to an orgasmic life! 
Did you know at the foundation of your biology, you are an orgasmic being?

Yes, I know, you may have been led to believe that you are not or can not achieve it.

I'm here with many others, professional colleagues, clients, and pleasure retreat attendees to say that message is just not valid for you or me. 

We all need connection.

We all need pleasure. 

And we all need these things in our lives to support our happiness and overall health.

Living a life full of orgasmic energy requires us to first look within to find what we want. Then accept and express those desires to yourself and partner(s); only then are you able to feel all the pleasure you desire and truly step into your orgasmic self.

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How do I know if I would be a good fit for your education?

You want to expand yourself and your relationships. 

You want to learn things that will enhance your sex life.

You want to take your relationship to a level it has never been before, learning about desires, needs, communication, and mindful fulfillment. 

You want to feel connected and have mind-blowing orgasms! 

Hell, you want to learn more about your body and normalizing the pleasures it holds. 

If you want to explore the options you have for learning based on neurobiology, with sound, secure education to implement for all of your pleasure, this education is for you.

It starts with you.

Having the skills to enhance your life overall is vital to your happiness, so I encourage you to take a leap, step into yourself and what is around the corner, and enjoy all the benefits of discovering and unpacking, processing and practicing. 

If you are looking for hacks or snapping your fingers and poof it is, this education is not for you, and that's ok; I'm sure there is someone out there that will fit your needs right now.

I will be here when you are ready to take that more profound liberating step for yourself. And...I know you can do it if you choose to. 

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Do I have to be in a relationship to get anything out of your education?

Nope, I work with a wide range of beautiful beings.

Some are single, and some are in various types of relationships.

My clients are a variety. Women, men, trans, monogamous, ethically non-monogamous, vanilla, kinky, open-minded, and even programmed with sex-negative beliefs, just about anyone and about anything you can think of. 

No matter who you identify as or have come to believe you are. You most likely lack sexual wellness education and probably have some trauma and past hurts surrounding relationships and sex. My goal is to help you understand yourself first, then your partner(s)

The key to fulfilling relationships with others is having one with yourself.

So let's start with YOU.

What type of experiences do you offer?

I offer inclusive experiential learning online and in-person.

Accessibility is important to me, and I have found that instructing online to learn in the comfort of your own home allows the body to feel safe and ease into exploring and learning.

Once you have a foundation built and discover more of your needs, you can attend in-person retreats to practice and get more in-depth hands-on with what you have learned and continue expanding even further.

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Why did you become a Sexologist?

During my previous careers in addiction, mental health, holistic wellness, and the beauty industry, I notice a common thread among people. None of us were taught about our bodies or relationships. Overall we are all just winging it, pretty unsuccessfully, I might add.

So, I came home one day and told E (my partner of 20+ yrs) that I wanted to help at a higher level. I wanted to help myself, us and more people with their relationships and sex lives. With my desire to learn more for me, and the need I had heard from others, it was looking me in the face to go back to school to support and help.

Professional education and experience were essential to me from the beginning if I was going to switch from my current carrier.
So I decided on a somatic-bodily way of learning.

I felt I needed to understand at a foundational level to teach others; starting from the beginning with schooling was necessary for me to process my own pains and learn to enhance my own sexuality and continue moving forward. 

I became a Somatically trained Sexologist, a CSB-Certified Sexological Bodyworker, and Somatica® Practitioner. And what I found was way more than I had expected—moving me even further into the career of holistic wellness, only incorporating sexuality at the foundation.
It has been so exciting, and learning this education has changed my life! 

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What if I'm already having great sex?

I would say hells, yes!

That's fantastic to hear because there are so many people not having the sex they want.

Truthfully, for a long time, I didn't even know what I wanted.I had no idea what sex could really be for myself. I was having good sex, but I didn't know how to embody my pleasures so I could have mind-blowing, body shaking, earth rumbling sex.

Over time I learned that no matter what level of sex I was having, there are skills to enhance it even more. One of the main reasons I continue to walk a path of discovery in pleasure for myself...if sex is now this unbelievable...what could it be if I continued exploring, opened up, and learned more skills to enhance myself and my partner(s) relationships.

SEXSPLOSIVE, totally sexsplosive!

You look familiar...where have I seen you before? 

I've been told that I am memorable. I do have a unique and different essence to myself, and my look tends to stand out.

I am so grateful to make a living educating amazing people all over the world.

So you may have seen me at Naughty in 'Nawlins, Couples Cruise, Bliss Cruise, Hedonism II, Fetish Con, or at Caliente Resort, where I have a private studio and host special pleasure-based events. I have also been featured on XRUniversity, ASN Magazine, and in the NUSA Sun. As well as you may have experienced my voice on podcasts like The Sexy Lifestyle and ASN Podcast.  

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