Over the years, I have learned to keep my eyes, mind, and body open. You often see and experience things on a whole nother level when you allow yourself this gift.

So when I was approached by 3 different people over the past two weeks saying…
“I just love seeing you and E out on your walks. You always look so happy and enjoying each other’s company.”
“It seems like every time we’re outside, we always know when your around, we can hear that wonderful laugh of yours coming around the corner, and then we see that smile. You’re always smiling!”
“Wow, the love and connection you two display…I wish I had that. What’s your secret?”

First off, the feels induced in me-warmth, heart swirling, more smiles, gratitude for the sharing, and the idea that they noticed those aspects of me and my relationship. Yes, wow!
Hearing those perspectives was huge for me. When at no time was I doing it for anyone else, to be seen, or recognized. I was just living in the moment, enjoying all of it for myself and with E in the connection.

So this is what brought me to what I’m about to say.
What all of these people saw was me, him, us-our connection, our love.
And just so you know, IT WAS NOT ALWAYS LIKE THIS!
Yes, you read that right. I/We have had some tough times, more than once. Ok, I’m not really sure about the exact amount of hard times, but some sure do stand out more than others. And I’m pretty sure you can relate.
Even both of us feeling in moments as if this is it. Maybe we call it quits. And that is a horrible feeling when you really do love someone and know you want to be with them but don’t know why it isn’t the life you thought you would have. Or the quality of sex, health, and the overall relationship you desire.

So what brings the years of tough times to times of laughter, smiles, profoundly mind-blowing sex, and thriving health?

It’s not just one thing. Understanding it’s a variety of things put into practice, over and over. And being ok to honestly look at yourself and your relationship when things start to wilt or never begin to grow as you had hoped.
So what is my secret? Well, the real deal about “the secret” is that it’s not a secret at all. So let me give you a few of the things that really support what I now call my “orgasmic life.”

  • Being real, raw, and honest with myself.
  • Knowing myself on a multitude of levels.
  • Letting go of the idea of a perfect relationship-and embracing connection & repair over perfection.
  • Having the skills needed to functionally communicate my needs, wants, and desires.
  • And then practicing the hell out of everything that I learned that will support me and the relationship I want.

Relationship is not easy. It takes dedication to the relationship and its growth to keep it going. Which is also something every person in the relationship needs to commit to. And when the relationship seems like it’s starting to wilt. Turning inward for yourself and then outward into the partnership to see where the process is breaking down is vital to the relationship.
Just know…E & I still have moments of seeing the start of wilting. Moments, only moments. Not days, weeks, or months.

Knowing that our awareness in this and our vast, diverse knowledge understand that we know that something isn’t being practiced if this is happening. Something we know to be true that does work and needs to be used.

If your curious about what an orgasmic life could look like for yourself, join me on this path. I would love to support your discovery and help you learn the skills needed to do so.
I want to share all my “secrets” and sexy juicy depths to an orgasmic life!

Orgasmic love & hugs from my heart to yours,
Dragonfly xx