“Can obtaining an orgasm be taught?”

Ok, before I give you the A to this Q, I have been asked this many times in various ways, and anyway you ask it, I see it coming from basically the same place.

Thinking that you, as a grown-ass adult, should know how to have an orgasm-or a better one, a different type or the one that you saw happen in that porn you watched. And if you aren’t-you don’t dare ask for help or admit to anyone that you aren’t.
Come on. You should just know how to or what it means, to…

  • have mind-blowing sex
  • orgasm
  • please your partner
  • enjoy pleasure
  • talk & listen to your partner
  • express your feelings
  • name it, and it’s a thing that you should know how to do

Because you’re a grown-ass adult, right?

NO, this is 100% incorrect.

This belief and mindset are so damaging.
A belief that will keep you from knowing how to do those very things and more. Cause guess what??
You should NOT know how to do any of this just because you’re an adult, you have a partner, or you’re currently having sex.

Just because you have the equipment doesn’t mean you know how to use it. Just because you feel emotions doesn’t mean you express them in a supportive way.

A very common mindset that many people have holding them back from the real pleasure they can most certainly obtain! The belief behind this is real for many, maybe even you.

So I want you to know it does not work like that and does not need to be your chosen belief. You do not have to feel shame for this in the past, present, or future. Kick those shame and judgment monsters to the curb. And step into the act of releasing this shit, learning and embodying the real pleasure you will benefit from. Not this unrealistic notion that you are , because you’re too busy judging and shaming yourself or others for not knowing, cause you think you SHOULD.

Oh, and here’s the A: HELLS YES IT CAN!

I am working toward a change in this damaging belief and mindset toward expanding your pleasure! I have experienced and seen it happen many times.
My hope is that you will see how much you matter and do the same for yourself.
I sure know what it has done for me and my relationships, and I want the same for you.

Orgasmic love & hugs from my heart to yours,
Dragonfly xx