Bonus: I love my ass in Mexico w/Chris Connelly Photography

In today’s episode, I’m connecting w/Chris Connelly, Photographer – shooting exclusively Intimate Portraiture. He has Two magnificent NY studios in Albany, and Lake George, plus beautiful location shoots in the Adirondacks and Caribbean.He mainly photographs women and some couples – but always loves to work with men too! Join us for a conversation about our Playa Del Carmen photo experience, the celebration of seeing my pictures for the first time, and what it’s like for me to work with Chris!

Special offer just for you!$200 off any location shoot including the photo getaway experience. Let him know Dragonfly sent you!

 Testimonials are important. So I have one for you, Chris. <3 Chris is an excellent photographer to work with, hence why I choose to work with him since 2016. I am beautiful, and you are beautiful, and that is something captured without fail when he works with you. No pressure and supports in helping you get into that pose that later you will celebrate with tears of joy, gratitude, and arousal! Working in sex-positive empowerment, I know how amazing it can be to step into you and give yourself the gift to work with Chris-and just see as you walk your ever-growing empowered path, you can have this experience as many times as fits! I am 100% it will help you live that orgasmic, pleasure-filled life you were born for. Love & orgasmic hugs, Dragonfly xx

Find Chris: IG- @chris_connelly_photography

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