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May 2024, embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and pleasure at our exclusive 3-night, 4-day event designed for eight extraordinary women.

Immerse yourself in a space that celebrates authenticity, connection, and growth.

What an experience it was for me!
It was wonderful to be around so many amazing women and to feel safe, have a safe space to speak our truth, talk about our issues, to encourage each other to help us see how beautiful and amazing we really are. I felt that from everyone this weekend.

And I highly recommend doing one of Dragonfly’s Goddess Weekends because it really was truly an amazing experience.”

~ Tess

New Orleans

The Connected Goddess Gateway

Why Here? Why Now?

Life is a rich tapestry of experiences, and The Connected Goddess Gateway™ is your sanctuary to navigate through its various seasons.

Whether you’re undergoing relationship changes, exploring intimacy after childbirth, embracing the empty nest, or simply seeking a profound reconnection with yourself, this is the perfect moment for you.

This is your time to rediscover and embrace, the pure orgasmic love for YOU!

What’s Holding You Back?

Let’s pull the weeds together!

It’s time to address the invisible roots that may be hindering your journey to happiness and a life of pleasure. As someone who navigates this path, I understand the intricacies of uprooting the obstacles that hold us back.

The 7 Obstacles to Connection and Pleasure™ are not just theory; they’re the keys to unlocking a life filled with more just of that, connection and pleasure- a life that is for you by you.

pulling our weeds

Why Attend The Connected Goddess Gateway?

  • Somatic Learning for Empowerment: Explore the transformative power of somatic (body-based) learning, a foundation of genuine self-understanding and pleasure enhancement.
  • Accepting Perspective: Immerse yourself in an environment rooted in an open-minded mindset, where judgment has no place and growth is celebrated.
  • Individualized Support: Benefit from a limited capacity of eight women, ensuring personalized attention and a supportive, intimate atmosphere.
  • Holistic Approach: Unpack the layers of your “life luggage” with a holistic approach that nurtures your mind, body, and inner being.
  • Expert Guidance: Receive guidance from a certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatica Method Relationship & Sex Coach with a wealth of personal discovery and professional experience.
  • Connect and Grow: Be part of a heart-forward community of like-minded women and grow in a way that support you most of all. 

This Connected Gateway will help you…


Release old programming that keeps you from thriving, allowing you to confidently make steps toward what you need and want.


Understand and nurture parts of you and your intuition, creating a trusted inner guidance system, one that supports more connection and pleasure.



Develop simple and effective science-based tools, to support and guide yourself through life’s many challenges. Supporting a life filled with groundedness, compassion, and love. 


Create more awareness in your body, understanding how it foundationally plays a part in everything you do and want. Allowing you to feel and enjoy a more profound sense of pleasure in your daily life.


Embrace each curve and contour, telling a unique story of strength and resilience. Through somatic connection, discover the inherent beauty in the way your body moves, expressing the poetry of your existence. Unfolding into a new acceptance of your body.


Accept and love all of you, learn to slow down and use experiential practices to develop self-awareness and self-compassion. Taking care of yourself in a way that fills you up.

Who is this Goddess Gateway weekend for?

All Women (vulva owners), ages (18+), ALL shades of the rainbow, ALL shapes & ALL sexual orientations who want to dig into who they really are and what they desire, to move past the external programming to develop skills to authentically and confidently move through their relationships and life.


Thank You, I love what you say…

What an experience it was for me!

It was wonderful to be around so many amazing women and to feel safe, have a safe space to speak our truth, talk about our issues, to encourage each other to help us see how beautiful and amazing we really are. I felt that from everyone this weekend. And I highly recommend doing one of Dragonfly’s Goddess Weekends because it really was truly an amazing experience.

Tess, LA – Goddess Gateway Attendee

You are such a beautiful soul. Such a gift.

I think about the weekend I had with you and all those beautiful ladies. And what a gift it was. Being able to sit still in peace is a gift I learned, whether it is just sitting still or learning more about what pleasure is to me. I know I have shared this before, I feel like I can breathe now. And I can see things with a different set of eyes.

Peace, love, and prayers to you. 
Love always, 
Deanne, FL – Goddess Gateway Attendee

At first, I was unsure.

This was my first time going to anything like this and I was unsure of what may happen and who I may meet there. I always jump to negative feelings first, because that’s my way of dealing with new situations, even when it’s a positive one. 

Once we began talking and connecting, it felt peaceful and satisfying. I blossomed. I found things about myself that I didn’t want to face. I never focus on me, I’m the kind of person that would put someone else before me.

I am truly grateful for this weekend for giving me the confidence to learn more about myself and to face those things. It’s helped me to think about myself in not a selfish way but a sensual way. I should love myself, it’s not wrong or shameful. I never believed this truly until being here this weekend.
I look forward to another Gateway weekend. I enjoyed feeling my inner goddess strength and allowing myself to feel free. My spirit was free. I was left wanting more and I can’t wait to attend more sessions of Dragonfly!
I recommended this as soon as I left the first night.
Lindsi W. FL – Goddess Gateway Attendee

I found attending the Gateway was beneficial to me.

“By giving me the opportunity to connect with other women in a way that goes beyond the surface. One of the most powerful experiences was getting the opportunity to receive adornment and to give adornment to other women as it made me feel celebrated and allowed me to give others that feeling.

Prior to coming to the Gateway, I felt stress from all the things I had occurring in my life, but I left feeling appreciated and valued.

I was grateful for Dragonfly checking in with me and offering support when needed. This Gateway also surprisingly helped me by opening me up to receiving clarity when it comes to my romantic relationship desires and gave me the ability to express what I wanted.

Yemoja, GA – Goddess Gateway 

More than anything, I realized I had underrated my desires, needs, wants.

I am learning to prioritize myself because I can not give my best when I am falling apart. I saw that there’s a lot I neglect about myself just to please others. 

 Now, I breathe more. I’m slower to react because I want to process how I am feeling. And last, I don’t dismiss and close my pain off from people because I’m scared its too much for them. I am still learning how I want to use my words to properly communicate when things go wrong in my life to my loved ones. I also see that I actually need to fall apart so I can build myself up stronger, and showing others your vulnerabilities actually makes you more bonded; it’s an encouraging feeling. This Goddess Gateway showed me that maybe my initial reaction is coming from how previous toxic relationships and negative environments have influenced me to not be true to myself. I want to be an open hearted, supportive, fun and a relaxed spirit of a person and I now have tools and I better understand how that looks and feels for me as an individual. 
Three days of being in this unconditionally loving environment was not enough. When it was coming to a close, I was sad because I longed for more. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to shed light on the dark place I was in. This was like giving a child a night light, things that were locked away and mysterious are no longer terrifying me to the point I feel paralyzed. However, I am ready for all the loving warm light- hoping to ignite and brighten another corner with each Gateway and Retreat as I continue to grow with Dragonfly at Pure Orgasmic Love.”
Ivy, FL – Goddess Gateway

Details to Attend!


May 3-6, 2024

Friday 12:00 pm – Monday depart by 11:00 am

Kissimmee, Florida (17.0 miles from Orlando Airport)
What’s Included: 
  • Accommodations: 3 nights & 4 days 
  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks, a variety of non-alcoholic beverages **Please let me know if you have food allergies and/or dietary restrictions 
  • Education: 20+ hrs of science-backed education, somatic experience & self-discovery
  • Gift Bag: take-home items to continue your expansion after the Gateway  
  • Goddess Connection: Release, connect & celebrate love with other Goddesses
  • Perspective: A new focus on supporting your authentic self for a lifetime!
What’s NOT included:
  • Airfare/Travel Expenses
  • Travel Insurance (optional)
  • Transportation to & from the Gateway location
  • Incidentals 


Free Connected & Pleasured Membership

1yr FREE in the NEW Connected & Pleasured online membership.

Extending support, education, and celebration beyond the event. *Immediate access upon registration. 

Private Groups for New & Attended Goddesses
Weekly Virtual Connections, SEM, Goddess Yoga, and more!
Monthly Live Virtual Circles
1st One to Know & Special Members-Only Discounts

Shared room w/1 other woman – $1575 (SOLD OUT)

Individual room – $1890 


Payment options:
1 Payment in Full 
*Registration for this event ends on April 30, 2024.

“One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.”

~Shannon L. Alder

The Pleasured Goddess

Pleasure You

More coming SOON!

Information, dates, and location TBA

I love being aroused. I relish that delicious feeling of freedom, the delirium of being naked, and my flesh being born again. It’s like I’m being made new.”  

~ Fiona Thrust