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Naughty N’awlins

Welcome to the biggest, best sex positive party

Naughty N’awlins!

June 26-30, 2024

This 4-day event is packed full of exciting activities designed to strengthen your partnership and meet new playmates. Kicking off with a Sexual Freedom Parade, Nawty offers nightly themed parties allow plenty of opportunity to mingle and match. The day is packed with entertainment – from DJ’s to drag shows – and you’ll not want to miss the HUGE 20,000 sq ft playfloor and elaborate dungeon.

Get ready to explore and play at Nawty N’awlins!

2024 General Offerings

Sexy Couples Connection: Like speed dating, and oh, so much juicier… 
A Naughty N’awlins must do every year to meet other sexy couples just like you!
Come, tap into your senses with a sexy somatic experience.…discover what it’s like to connect with other couples in a fast-paced, sensual environment where you will indeed allow your body and not your words to find that perfect play partner(s).
Date: Thursday 06.27.24
Time: 1 PM
*No Registration Required
Fills up early! Doors close at 1. Don’t be late.

7 Obstacles to Connection & Pleasure™

You and I desire more connection and pleasure; more than anything, we require these to thrive. 

Yet, sometimes, it feels like life is getting in the way. And, unfortunately, you may not know exactly how it’s getting in your way—no more feeling like that—Dragonfly is here to help! Through her years of working with private clients and group immersive learning, Dragonfly has seen similar roadblocks get in the way again and again. Join her for this presentation on the 7 Obstacles that can detour us along our path to connection and pleasure, and learn a few key points that, if implemented, will support your path to feeling more of what you desire in and out of the bedroom.

Date: Friday 06.28.24
Time: 1 PM
*No Registration Required

Live Like a Human, F*ck Like a Beast: Balancing Your Health for Optimal Pleasure 

We all want to look, feel, and perform our best, both in and out of the bedroom. We want more energy, better stamina, and stronger orgasms. So, how do we get these things? Join E as he explores the science behind losing weight, maintaining lean muscle, and balancing your hormones. 

When: Saturday 06.29.23

Time: 1 PM

*No Registration Required

2024 Intimate Offerings

Ignite HIS Flame

Join Dragonfly for this PleasurePlayshop™ focused on the male body! Because there can be more to pleasing a man, than just stroking up and down. 

This guided erotic experience of sliding, squeezing, and more will take his pleasure to new levels. Slowly making him pulse and throb, and taking him to the brink and back again. You will learn some new somatic techniques to play with at Naughty and keep a few new favorites to take home for future explorations!

When: Thursday 06.27.24

Time: 3:00-4:30 

Price: $200 per Couple

Ignite HER Flame

Explore, discover, tantalize, tingle, and make her moan with pleasure like never before!

Join Dragonfly for this guided erotic experience focused on the female body, slowing down and taking the time needed to touch, kiss, caress, and stimulate pleasure from every part of her. 

Enhance your partner’s arousal potential using various somatic techniques and leave this PleasurePlayshop™ experience with many ways to stimulate her into delicious orgasmic pleasures time and time again! 

When: Friday 06.28.24

Time: 3:00-4:30

Price: $200 per Couple

Kiss ME Orgasmic: The Art of Kissing…Bodies 

You breath in. Your lips meet. Kissing… Is this a sensation you want to go on and on? 

Maybe leading to areas of much more delightful sensations. YES, please! 

Join Dragonfly for a kissing, licking, tongue-twirling experience where she dives in deep using those beautiful lips in all the places you desire the most. Learn new techniques that will make you tingle even in the places your lips aren’t touching! 

When: Saturday 06.29.24

Time: 3:00-4:30

Price: $200 per Couple

Private Sessions

Private Sessions are experiential, hands-on, and specific to your individual needs and desires. This can include but is not limited to communication skills, sexual techniques, erotic massage exploration, and body/genital mapping. 

Time: 75-minute sessions 

Cost: $375 per couple

*a minimal number of appointments are available for your one-on-one couples experience.