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Lets Get Naughty...together

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JULY 6-10, 2022

Join E and I at one of our all-time favorite events and become a Pure orgasmic Lover!

Pure Orgasmic Lovers List Perks
  • Goodie Bag w/items to enhance your naughty pleasures at NIN & at home.
  • First, peek at what/when E & I are offering-Seminars & PleasurePlayshops and anything else you can be involved in with Pure Orgasmic Love at NIN!
  • 10% off your PleasurePlayshop registrations. 
  • Possibly-a special mingle & tingle to welcome everyone. *depends on how many of you sign up using my link :) *tease, tease*
Fantastic experience, not to be missed!
We are returning clients and will continue to attend future workshops.  We highly recommend Dragonfly's seminars and classes to all couples interested in enhancing their communication, passion, and bonding. 
~John and Jean, New Orleans


Naughty in N'awlins isn't just a bunch of parties, they bring in the top entertainers to entertain you each evening, giving you a world-class event. Each night you can go to the main dance, or you can check out our amazing lineup of talented performers or do both.

Naughty Hotels:

They have two entire hotel takeovers this year for Naughty in N'awlins; the Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel on Bourbon St & Canal and the NOPSI Hotel located close to Colette.

The Astor will still have the piano bar, our erotic balls, and our large Tantra Center. The NOPSI will have day and night time pool parties, tantra centers, meet & greets and the dungeon.

Our Playfloor:

They take an entire floor of our hotel and turn it into over 20,000 sq ft of play space. They have group rooms, private rooms, a dark room, dungeons, a room for singles, women only, semi-private rooms, a room for toys and sybians and much more.

A packed schedule:

The schedule will be updated up until the very day of the event.
Seminars, workshops, Bourbon St. Parties, nightly Themed balls, entertainment, there is a lot to do if you are going to get Naughty in N'awlins.