So much gratitude for what you say…

Dear Fellow Goddesses,

At first, I was unsure about going into this Gateway Weekend. This was my first time going to anything like this and I was unsure of what may happen and who I may meet there. I always jump to negative feelings first, because that’s my way of dealing with new situations, even when it’s a positive one. I arrived and at first, was still hesitant, but it felt comforting to be around Dragonfly and so many positive energies of women. Once we began talking and connecting, it felt peaceful and satisfying. I blossomed. I found things about myself that I didn’t want to face. I never focus on me, I’m the kind of person that would put someone else before me. I am truly grateful for this weekend for giving me that confidence to learn more about myself and to face those things. It’s helped me to think about myself is not a selfish way but a sensual way. I should love myself, it’s not wrong or shameful. I never believed this truly until being here this weekend. By accepting that I am in the way of what I want in life, I can move forward.

The biggest thing I took away from this weekend is that crying is okay. I’ve always been told, “don’t cry, you must be strong”, when I’ve been strong the whole time, just aggressively tearing up as well. It’s okay to cry and expel that from yourself.It makes room for happiness to fill that void! I look forward to another Gateway weekend. I enjoyed feeling my inner goddess strength and allowing myself to feel free. My spirit was free. I was left wanting more and I can’t wait to attend more sessions of Dragonflies! Her aura and soothing voice sent me to another dimension.

I recommended this as soon as I left the first night. Other women, I knew that would benefit from this experience and allow themselves to be free. I can’t wait to continue this spiritual journey on connecting with my inner goddess.

Love, Lindsi Werner, Fellow Goddess Goddess Gateway

I found attending the Gateway was beneficial to me by giving me the opportunity to connect with other women in a way that goes beyond the surface. One of the most powerful experiences was getting the opportunity to receive adornment and to give adornment to other women as it made me feel celebrated and allowed me to give others that feeling. Prior to coming to the Gateway, I felt stress from all the things I had occurring in my life, but I left feeling appreciated and valued. I was grateful for Dragonfly checking in with me and offering support when needed. This Gateway also surprisingly helped me by opening me up to receiving clarity when it comes to my romantic relationship desires and gave me the ability to express what I wanted. 

Yemoja, New Orleans Goddess Gateway

When Dragonfly asked for a testimonial, I wasn’t sure how much to share. I know that it helped me to read others experience, even if I wasn’t necessarily going to have the same experience, it helps! So here it is. I hope this helps you attend one of Pure Orgasmic Love’s events and connect with the amazing and much needed work Dragonfly and her team are doing! 

I was nervous about the unknown. I wondered what I would have to do, and scared of what may come up deep within me. I was dealing with really intense depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts just before the Goddess Gateway. I was terrified I was not going to be comfortable opening up about these things around a bunch of strangers. I know that (even if it varies in intensity for people who have the same emotional pain) this is a common obstacle, and I tried to push passed it as much as possible so that I would not inhibit myself from growing. I was very curious about what tools I could use to better restructure how I process getting through really rough emotional storms.

I WAS NOT ALONE. I listened to the other women who all made me feel so secure, and validated. They had gone through very similar emotions whether this Goddess Gateway was their first or second. I knew from the core of my being that I accepted this opportunity because I crave to be a better version of myself. I did take my moments to be alone and cry if I needed to self soothe and process the pain that came through during the exercises… but when I came back I felt that much more empowered. The releasing I did with the other women made me feel so much stronger than any time I’ve held it all in. I was encouraged the entire way to take care of myself, learning what that looked like for me.More than anything, I realized I had underrated my desires, needs, wants. I am learning to prioritize myself because I can not give my best when I am falling apart. I saw that there’s a lot I neglect about myself just to please others.  

Now, I breathe more. I’m slower to react because I want to process how I am feeling. And last, I don’t dismiss and close my pain off from people because I’m scared it’s too much for them. I am still learning how I want to use my words to properly communicate when things go wrong in my life to my loved ones. I also see that I actually need to fall apart so I can build myself up stronger, and showing others your vulnerabilities actually makes you more bonded; it’s an encouraging feeling. This Goddess Gateway showed me that maybe my initial reaction is coming from how previous toxic relationships and negative environments have influenced me to not be true to myself. I want to be an open hearted, supportive, fun and a relaxed spirit of a person and I now have tools and I better understand how that looks and feels for me as an individual. 

Three days of being in this unconditionally loving environment was not enough. When it was coming to a close, I was sad because I longed for more. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to shed light on the dark place I was in. This was like giving a child a night light, things that were locked away and mysterious are no longer terrifying me to the point I feel paralyzed. However, I am ready for all the loving warm light- hoping to ignite and brighten another corner with each Gateway and Retreat as I continue to grow with Dragonfly at Pure Orgasmic Love.

Ivy, Florida Goddess Gateway

We have been following you through your emails/Love News and are so happy to see you at Caliente!! It’s why we bought our $15,000 membership there in the first place. It’s not like any other place! Since we have worked together, talking about it and look your lover in the eye and say is there anything else I can do to help you enjoy or understand what we have! Love Love Love That is what we felt you bring to the table Dragonfly! Having a person to talk to about the many feeling going through you, really helps. There is nowhere where I want to use my membership rewards, but there! Having you there to us is a major deal! Sex is awesome, life is awesome, being a member of an organization that understands that is awesome. Your the best!!!!!

Dan & Ki, FL VIP Immersion

I cannot thank you enough for helping me! I am very thankful to you, not to mention the love for what you do, informative and supportive. Your work means a lot to me and my life. Thank you! Because of you I can now say that I have experienced an orgasm, and not just one but multiple orgasms, something that I honestly thought was never going to happen. From my heart to yours, thank you.

Laura J., FL VIP Immersion

 We were hesitant to do the class but ended up being a great experience for us and our relationship. 

K & R,  Maryland PleasurePlayshop™

This was an eye-opening experience for my husband and me. 

Anonymous, MA PleasurePlayshop™

Wonderful experience. Could not have been put on more perfectly. My only regret is that we had to leave town before “Ignite His Flame.”

Anonymous, New Orleans PleasurePlayshop™

Fantastic experience, not to be missed!  We are returning clients and will continue to attend future workshops.  We highly recommend Dragonfly’s seminars and classes to all couples interested in enhancing their communication, passion, and bonding.  

John and Jean, New Orleans PleasurePlayshop™

We loved how the classes were set, and we had great experience and loved new toys. Great music, voice sound, and mood set.

A & L, Tennessee PleasurePlayshop™

We would recommend any and all sessions you can experience with Dragonfly and E.

Anonymous, Idaho Couples Gateway

This was our first time doing a class that was not private and I was not sure I wanted to go in.  Dragonfly came out and spoke to me and I still felt nervous but trusted her and we ended up loving the class.  I encourage you to attend any of her classes. It was fun, relaxing and educational.  

RG, PleasurePlayshop™

We had a beautiful experience at our first Pleasure Playshop with Dragonfly and E. It gave us a sense of the potential for how deeply we could connect given the right guidance. We’re looking forward to doing more in the future with Dragonfly and E to deepen our loving connection. 

RM & MK, FL, USA PleasurePlayshop™

The entire experience was enjoyable.  I had the chance to explore my wife in a way that we hadn’t tried before.  Dragonfly’s guidance was very helpful.  My wife also enjoyed her touch.  

C & K, Memphis, TN VIP Immersion

Was a fun BDSM class last night at Caliente.  We had no idea what to expect as our exploration into this was just self-taught and read.  You have a wonderful centered energy about you to express the beauty of sex without limits.

Michael & Beth PleasurePlayshop™

Who knew you could personalize kink to your comfort & pleasure level. We enjoyed the class and loved Dragonfly and E. Great workshop!

Anonymous, NY PleasurePlayshop™

Dragonfly holds a space around me where I can let go of all patterns and habits not currently serving me.  Delving into myself, I have found a profound love, joy, erotic pleasure, exploration, and contentment in all I am meant to experience. The good, hard, sad, happy, tears, desires, wants, kinks, turn on’s are all held respectfully. Her guidance and expertise coupled with intuition has enhanced my life to an extent I didn’t anticipate. Taking that step into self-care is scary. And having a guide/ resource/ support along that path is invaluable. Thank you to her for her service and for being pure orgasmic love in more ways then words can express. Your sex positivity and joy inspires. Living in the yummiverse always. 

Adela Mello, TX  VIP Immersion

We were super excited when we signed up, but got apprehensive as the date grew closer. The event, however, exceeded our expectations. We were made to feel super comfortable, and were able to explore each other in a way we never had before. We also improved our communication. We now have great memories, new techniques we can use to excite each other, and can’t wait to attend another event.

Jill & Mark, MO Couples Gateway

It helps with connecting with a mate. Great experience!! We learned so much about touches and ourselves– Can’t wait to come again!

Patty & Ed Couples Gateway

Thank you Dragonfly for the experience you have given us, I was not expecting that. This was so much more than we could have imagined. Your classes are not only pleasurable and sexy, but new perspectives towards connection and I even learned new techniques to broaden our love life.      

Erin & Jack, NY Couples Gateway

Who knew I enjoyed the combinations of so many sensations of touch, I love to be spanked! 

 D & D, CA PleasurePlayshop™

We cannot wait to see what other playshops you have for us in the future at other events. You can count us in on everything you do! You have opened up something in both of us that we didn’t know was there and we have been married for 17 years!

Tanya & Ned, VA PleasurePlayshop™

Your approach to relationships and sex are a gift to so many people in this world. Please keep doing what you are doing for all of us.

S & A, PR Couples Gateway