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Feeling connected to those you love can be one of life’s most beautiful feelings, but feeling disconnected can be painful. The same is true of our connection with ourselves and our bodies.

Self-love and self-connection are the foundation of a healthy life and more pleasurable relationships.

This membership is a safe space for vulva owners to learn and practice somatic techniques to help deepen our self understanding and build a strong foundation of connection with ourselves. All with the support and love of fellow goddesses on the path.


The path to more pleasure in life begins with you, where you are, and extends through the beautiful garden of understanding, learning, experience and practice.

My membership is designed as a space for judgment-free exploration and self-discovery. As we explore, we can identify and remove obstacles that block us from finding and expressing our authentic desires.

Join your fellow goddesses as we walk together, dance together, support together, and celebrate together because together, we fly.

The Connected Goddess Gateway

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*This membership is intended as a place for vulva owners to learn, share, and grow together.
Yes, I love penis owners and will be inviting our partners to join us for special live events; however, this is a place for goddesses, and I ask everyone to respect that. Thank You