Ignite Her Flame


Explore her…tantalize and tingle, while Dragonfly guides you on a journey to map all of the places that bring her the most exhilarating pleasures. Where she will discover heightened arousal potentials using a variety of touch, pressure, and tempo. Stimulate her into delicious orgasmic pleasures time and time again! 
All of the PleasurePlayshops™ are guided erotic experiences, hands-on and experientially based so come ready to play in the pleasure and of course learn something in the process.

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Friday 8/6
When: 3:30pm – 5:00pm 
Where: Astor – M2 Floor – Tantra Room
*Limited to 10 couples*
**Clothing optional/naked. Hands-on, partner-based. Orgasms welcome. Personal attention with Dragonfly.