Discover. Nurture.
Illuminate YOUR Goddess Within.

Have you ever wondered what having true relationship happiness and sexual wholeness in your life could do for you? Or, the benefits of working on your orgasmic energy, pleasure, and ability to receive from yourself and someone else?

Thankfully YOU don’t have to wonder or wait any longer!

“She fell in love with herself, and that’s a pleasure she allows to fill her with joy day after day.”

Dragonfly xx
Goddess Gateway Weekend

2024 Dates TBA!
Stay tuned…

I’m offering a beautiful opportunity for all women hosted in Tampa, Florida area, on March 3-5, 2023. It is an introductory weekend immersion into Pure Orgasmic Love’s somatic wellness and sexual education called The Goddess Gateway, A Path to Receive MORE Pleasure-a journey into more profound self-discovery.

I hold this daytime weekend event only once a year, so you will want to register as soon as possible!

These weekends are an excellent way for women from all over to have a better understanding of what sexual wholeness means for their bodies specifically.

Sometimes we can feel paralyzed and detached when it comes to experiencing joyful sex, asking for what we want, and living our true desires for what fills our bodies with bliss.

Sometimes we don’t know what it looks like or what it means to receive true pleasure in our bodies because of a lack of access to education, all the programmed messages within us, and traumas in our lives.

This no longer has to be your path.

There is education that will transform, awaken and connect all of us to the pleasure we desire every day within every part of our lives. We can integrate our hearts, minds, voices, and genitals when given the proper tools and practices.

NO ONE is entirely irretrievably broken. You, too, can have the happiness and pleasure you desire.

It’s in YOU… All you need to do–allow yourself to walk onto the path and through the gateway to your pleasure!

“I found attending the Gateway was beneficial to me by giving me the opportunity to connect with other women in a way that goes beyond the surface. One of the most powerful experiences was getting the opportunity to receive adornment and to give adornment to other women as it made me feel celebrated and allowed me to give others that feeling. Prior to coming to the Gateway, I felt stress from all the things I had occurring in my life, but I left feeling appreciated and valued. I was grateful for Dragonfly checking in with me and offering support when needed. This Gateway also surprisingly helped me by opening me up to receiving clarity when it comes to my romantic relationship desires and gave me the ability to express what I wanted.” 


Goddess Gateway

You will feel a shift in yourself as soon as you arrive…

This event is nestled in a beautiful location among nature. In all its beauty, it has some very magical properties to support your pleasure path.

This beauty, combined with my intentional way of connecting with effective, science-backed education, you are meant to discover your path to more pleasure, whatever that looks like for you!

Some of the things you will have a chance to experience; Love Lectures and Shares, Goddess Discovery Meditation, Sensual Embodied Movement, and Body Adornment, among other somatic practices. This is where you will start to unpack, release and learn how to embody more of the pleasure you desire. And how increasing your overall sexual wellness pertains to your whole life!

Come join in on all of the goddess growth and genuinely experience what it means to receive more joy in your body and to experience your body as a beautiful piece of art.

Who is this gateway weekend for?

ALL Women (vulva owners)

Women of all ages (18+), all shades of the rainbow, all shapes & all sexual orientations who want more happiness and pleasure in their lives.

What to expect from attending?
  • Learn in a Safe, Supportive & Nurturing Environment.
  • Release wounding and traumas.
  • Conscious education surrounding receiving pleasure within your body and why you are not currently receiving it the way you may want.
  • Empower your body and mind through cutting-edge experiential practices.
  • Begin or continue on your path to relationship and sexual healing.
  • Expansion of your erotic intelligence.
  • Experience what it truly means to receive in your body and develop a positive conversation surrounding self-talk.
  • Take home actionable tools to continue expanding and moving forward on your specific pleasure path.
  • Relax into the connection of the goddess community.
  • Learn about opportunities for further expansion experiences.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, how good it feels to connect with and embody your radiant love!



17+ hrs of science-backed education, somatic experience & self-discovery.


Snacks, Lunches & a variety of non-alcoholic beverages

*Sunday night celebration foods!

Gift Bag:

Take-home items to continue your growth after the gateway.

Goddess Community:

Release, connect & celebrate love with other Goddesses.


A new focus on supporting your pleasure for a lifetime!

Not Included:

  • Accommodations

  • Travel Insurance

  • Airfare/Travel Expenses

  • Unknown Incidentals

Ready to Join Us?

Are you ready to step into a life-changing experience and receive Pure Orgasmic Love for YOUR Body?

Please accept this personal invitation to join me and other wellness pleasure seekers for this 1 time year-only Goddess Gateway Weekend Into Receiving Pleasure.

Did I just hear you say… Yes! You’re giving yourself this lifelong gift of attending.

If so, I’m tingling with orgasmic energy to hear it!




  • Friday 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
  • Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Sunday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Sunday 6:00-8:00 pm
    After event celebration-Goddess Garden Connection


Tampa, Florida

Seffner, FL

Just east of Tampa, located approximately 13 miles east of downtown Tampa

Misc. Details:


Off Site (list of nearby hotels sent upon registration)


Drinks, Snacks & Lunch Provided

**please let me know if you have food allergies and/or dietary restrictions.

I look forward to another Gateway weekend. I enjoyed feeling my inner goddess strength and allowing myself to feel free. My spirit was free. I was left wanting more and I can’t wait to attend more sessions of Dragonflies! Her aura and soothing voice sent me to another dimension. I recommended this as soon as I left the first night. Other women, I knew that would benefit from this experience and allow themselves to be free. I can’t wait to continue this spiritual journey on connecting with my inner goddess.

Love, Lindsi W.

Goddess Gateway Weekend

You are such a beautiful soul. Such a gift. I think about the weekend I had with you and all those beautiful ladies. And what a gift it was. Being able to sit still in peace is a gift I learned, whether it is just sitting still or learning more about what pleasure is to me. I know I have shared this before, I feel like I can breathe now. And I can see things with a different set of eyes. Peace love and prayers to you.

Love always, Deanne, FL

Goddess Gateway Weekend

This Goddess Gateway showed me that maybe my initial reaction is coming from how previous toxic relationships and negative environments have influenced me to not be true to myself. I want to be an open hearted, supportive, fun and a relaxed spirit of a person and I now have tools and I better understand how that looks and feels for me as an individual.

Three days of being in this unconditionally loving environment was not enough. When it was coming to a close, I was sad because I longed for more. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to shed light on the dark place I was in. This was like giving a child a night light, things that were locked away and mysterious are no longer terrifying me to the point I feel paralyzed. However, I am ready for all the loving warm light- hoping to ignite and brighten another corner with each Gateway and Retreat as I continue to grow with Dragonfly at Pure Orgasmic Love.


Goddess Gateway Weekend

Join me, a woman like you, dancing in a world of connection and helping people from all corners of the world and walks of life to better understand and enhance the bodily pleasures held in each of us.
It’s about welcoming pleasure and helping women find their voice so that they can speak their desire.

Dragonfly xx
Ready to join us?

Are you ready to step into a life-changing experience and receive Pure Orgasmic Love for YOUR Body?

Please accept this personal invitation to join me and other wellness pleasure seekers for this 1 time year-only Goddess Gateway Weekend Into Receiving Pleasure.

Did I just hear you say… Yes! You’re giving yourself this lifelong gift of attending.

If so, I’m tingling with orgasmic energy to hear it!