V.I.P. Immersions are intense multi-day experiences that are designed for individuals and/or couples who want to release unneeded baggage, establish healthy self-talk, and to love deeper. Through experiential practice, we will develop a strong foundation so you can rewire unhealthy emotional patterns, and deepen the connections you have with compassionate love and secure attachments.

Each immersion is unique because the content for our time together is determined by where you are on your path and what direction you desire to grow in.

“Dragonfly holds a space around me where I can let go of all patterns and habits not currently serving me. Delving into myself, I have found a profound love, joy, erotic pleasure, exploration, and contentment in all I am meant to experience. The good, hard, sad, happy, tears, desires, wants, kinks, turn on’s are all held respectfully. Her guidance and expertise coupled with intuition has enhanced my life to an extent I didn’t anticipate. Taking that step into self-care is scary. And having a guide/ resource/ support along that path is invaluable. Thank you to her for her service and for being pure orgasmic love in more ways then words can express. Your sex positivity and joy inspires. Living in the yummiverse always”
Adela Mello, TXVIP Immersion

Due to the exclusive nature of this experience, I recommend a 20-minute discovery call with me to determine if this is the right direction for you. Click on the button below to schedule some time to connect.