Are you on a path to discover what truly turns you on and how to savor that for a lifetime?

As we move along our path we awaken desires and pleasures that may be new to us, learning how to feed those desires with communication, technique, and deep connection will support you and your pleasure as you travel further along your path to Pure Orgasmic Love.

Awaken your senses through immersive experiences and join Dragonfly and the POL team for 5 nights/6 days at one of Pure Orgasmic Love’s Pleasure Retreats. Your next fulfillment on your path of pleasure.

Taking you to a level of pleasure you never thought was possible!

You may have attended 1, 2 or more Gateways. Supporting and nourishing your foundation. You want more…what’s next?

Discovering what lights your body up! Transform, enhance and intensify your sexuality inside and out. All education and experiential practices are based on up-to-date neuroscience research.

Like the Gateways, Pure Orgasmic Love is offering Pleasure Retreats for goddesses and one coming soon for couples, with a bonus of these being inclusive and overnight with a lot of enhanced extras.

Goddess Pleasure Retreats are for vulva owners (women) who want to ignite their sexy, sensual, and expand orgasmic potential and play in the pleasure that is for you!

Couples Pleasure Retreats are for the couple who have a loving relationship, and want to take their relationship and ignite the next level of passion potential for themselves!

2020 Pure Orgasmic Love Retreats:

  • Experience Level: Intermediate *previously attended a Gateway or a completed VIP Session Package
  • Duration: 5 days/6 nights
  • Goddess Pleasure Retreat: Enhance/Develop Your Sexy & Sensual, Expand Your Orgasmic Potential
  • Couples Pleasure Retreat: Ignite Next Level Passion, Deeper Partner Connection, Hot and Passionate Sex