Are you looking to discover more pleasure for your life and not sure where to start? I recommend this as a perfect place to start with a Gateway Weekend! After years of learning, practicing, and experientially educating thousands of individuals and couples. I have taken my education, within a trauma-informed background and a pleasure-based approach that is interactive and experiential, and developed a few different ways to start on your path to pleasure. 

Currently, I am offering one for women and one for couples. All education and experiential practices are based on up-to-date neuroscience research. 

Goddess Gateways are for vulva owners (women) who want more presence, more pleasure and more connection within their bodies. The Goddess Gateways are designed to help you release unneeded and unwanted baggage that is holding you back. A lot of times the things holding you back from your true center of pleasure comes from past wounding, negative-experiences, and programming that are not supporting your overall health and wellness. 

Starting with an intro to clearing out and opening up a healthy self-talk dialogue will be a perfect way to start loving deeper, heal wounding that still resonates in the background, and discovering what connection and pleasure could start to look like for yourself. 

2020 Goddess Gateways:

January 24-26   Land o’ Lakes, Florida
May 29-30   Las Vegas, Nevada
September 11-13   Saratoga Springs, New York
October 9-11   Las Vegas, Nevada

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Couple Gateways are designed to enhance and encourage a holistic and systematic approach to experiencing better sex and connective relationships. Couples will develop an open conversation where they will start to experience personal transformation. At the same time, each of them will also create a space to experience learning to support their partner, and receive the tools to start changing unhealthy emotional patterns. Allowing for a deeper connection, compassionate love, secure attachment and enjoyment within their relationship.

2020 Couple Gateways:

June 5-7 Las Vegas, Nevada
September 18-20 Saratoga Springs, New York

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  • Experience level: Foundational Tools All/Beginner
  • Duration: Friday evening, Saturday day & Sunday day
  • Goddess Gateway: Release UnNeeded Baggage, Healthy Self-Talk, Love Deeper, Heal Wounding, Discover & Connect to Your Needs
  • Couples Gateway: Rewire Unhealthy Emotional Patterns, Effective Communication, Deeper Connection, Compassionate Love, Secure Attachment, Better Sex