Naughty N'awlins
PLEASE BE ON TIME, preferably 5-10 minutes prior to start time. Doors LOCK at start time (TBD) and will not reopen due to distraction of everyone’s pleasure.

Don’t be locked out and miss it!

I like to set a safe container for everyone's experience so I go over valuable information in the beginning to support you and the comfort of everyone’s pleasure.

Do I need a partner to attend? 
Yes, this is a partner(s) based playshop.  It will be clearly stated in the Pleasure Playshop™ information when signing up if it is individual/single-base specific.

What do I wear?
You can wear whatever you would like to wear.
Casual/sexy-comfortable is what most people wear on the outside with cute/sexy lingerie or naked underneath. You do you, and come how you see fit!

Do I have to be naked to participate?
Depending on what the content of the PleasurePlayshop™ is covering it may or may not be recommended that you become naked at some point during.
We want to support you in feeling comfortable, so this can happen at your own pace or you can keep your undergarments on.

Are other people going to touch me? 
No, this is an experience for you and your partner(s) only.
It will be clearly specified if it is not.

Do I have to be engaged with other people? 
No, this is about your connection with your partner(s). There will be others in the room experiencing with their own partner(s).
We encourage connecting with others as it’s fun to talk and get to know other people, you are sure to make some friends and take what you learned with your partner to experience with others too!

Is Alcohol allowed?
Please keep intoxicants of any kind to a minimum. I want you to be aware and feel all of the sensations your body is capable of.

Will I be comfortable?
We hope so. Our intention is for you to be as comfortable as possible. During the "talking" portion, there will be chairs, backjacks or beds to sit on. During the playshop portion, their are beds for your experiencing comfort. Your body knows best if you need to stand up or move positions, please do so as needed.

Am I going to be cold? 
Temperature varies with different locations of spaces. Provided we have access, we will turn the temperature up so you are not cold, yet different people’s bodies have their own gage on what feels best. We will do our best in making the space warmer for your overall comfort.

What do I bring with me?
Your sexy self! We provide everything you will need to fully enjoy your experience. If there is something, like a pillow or blanket that helps you feel more comfortable please bring it.

How many couples are attending? 
That can depend on a variety of different factors, for most of the PleasurePlayshops™, there are 10 couples maximum.

How long is the Pleasure Playshop™? 
90 min. Time allowed for your experience can vary depending on the event. Please be on time, preferably 5-10 minutes prior to playshop time.

Do you offer refunds? 
There are no refunds. Once you've registered and paid for a specific PleasurePlayshop™, you've reserved your spot, and that spot is taken--it will not be offered to anyone else.
If you cannot attend the specific session you registered for, we will do our best to transfer you to another playshop if there is a space open; you will need to notify us at least 12 hours before the session starts.
Late notifications or no-shows; the money you've paid will not be refunded or transferred. 

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