The Orgasmic Membership 

What you need to know about sex, you weren't taught.

Pure orgasmic love offers experiential body-based education.

Allowing you to discover your pleasure.

Like the rest of us, your "Sex Education" didn't teach you how to have relationships or to know your needs and desires. No one showed you how to ask for what you want, and you definitely weren't taught how to give or receive pleasure.

Yet you are expected to be great at all of it. You are supposed to know how to balance your family life, work, relationships and have amazing sex with mind-blowing orgasms for everyone involved.

Learning the skills necessary to bring all of these aspects of your busy life into balance was overwhelming until now. 

Embodying the skills to produce amazing relationships with deeper connections and a sex life that includes mind-blowing orgasms is actually within your reach. 
Let me show you how!

I'm ready for you to join me.

Are you ready to learn and start living an Orgasmic Life?

Members that makes a difference. 


Convenient and Private

Everything you will need to build your foundation and enhance your life are accessible online. You can start practicing in private, in the convenience of your own space, and on your schedule.


Tested and Proven

Integrative lessons rooted in neurobiology and reliable science that is pleasure-based and is trauma-informed.
Sexual wellness education specialized in a holistic path toward whole-body health and life happiness.
Developed directly from my work with VIP clients, my education as a Somatic trained Sexologist, a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Somatica® Practitioner, and previous med-tech background-in substance abuse, mental health, holistic health and wellness, and my very own traumas, pains, and personal experiences of living an orgasmic life.


Mindset to Support

Clear out damaging messages and beliefs, and reframe the mindset that holds you back from living a full orgasmic life for yourself.


Somatic-Body Base Learning

Somatic, body-based learning that is presented in shorter weekly lessons that include experiential practice sessions.


Practical Body Skills

Understand and learn your body, sexual techniques individually and with partners. Based on all of the available pleasure that your body holds. 


Sexual Nutrition

Learn how to properly nourish your body to balance the hormones needed to support sexual function and a thriving libido!


Mobility & Movement

Engage and nurture the body's mechanics in movement to support the body during sex and overall activities.  

Get started with YOUR Sexual Discovery NOW!
"Beyond her amazing lessons on the art of touch, she shared how we can better communicate with each other on the most intimate of topics. And those lessons are the ones that will live with us in every aspect of of our lives."
per month

New Monthly Content 


Playlist Lessons

A new monthly goal-oriented video playlist will provide educational information and experiential practices to fully integrate what you are learning into your whole being. Everything that I have found critical for building a foundation that supports you living an Orgasmic Life.


Live Q & A Sessions

You get to submit the Q's! End of month live Q&A's so I can answer any questions or provide any further needed assistance. 


Bonus Materials

Pleasure labs, video podcasts, audio downloads, virtual seminars, guest interviews, and other juicy bonus materials.


Bonus Discounts

Special discounts that are only offered to members for Pure Orgasmic Love Retreats and events.

Your relationship with yourself, your partner, and your sex life are worth investing in!

Is This Membership For You? 
You want to expand yourself and your relationships. 
You want to feel more connected to yourself and your partner(s).
You want to take your relationship to a level it has never been before; learning about desires, needs, communication, mindful fulfillment, and lots more.
You want to learn more about your body's anatomy and normalizing the pleasures it holds.
You want to learn things that will enhance your sex life.
You want to release past trauma, hurts, programmed messages, and the mindset that holds you back in life.
You want the skills to enhance your happiness and life overall.
You want to learn how to have mind-blowing orgasms!
You want to explore the options you have for learning with sound, proven, secure education. NOT based solely on hacks and short term fixes.
If YES, then this education membership is for you!

"I cannot thank you enough for helping me! I am very thankful to you, not to mention the love for what you do, informative and supportive. Your work means a lot to me and my life. Thank you! Because of you I can now say that I have experienced an orgasm, and not just one but multiple orgasms, something that I honestly thought was never going to happen. From my heart to yours, thank you."

~Laura J., FL

"Dragonfly holds a space around me where I can let go of all patterns and habits not currently serving me.  Delving into myself, I have found a profound love, joy, erotic pleasure, exploration, and contentment in all I am meant to experience. The good, hard, sad, happy, tears, desires, wants, kinks, turn on's are all held respectfully. Her guidance and expertise coupled with intuition has enhanced my life to an extent I didn't anticipate. Taking that step into self-care is scary. And having a guide/ resource/ support along that path is invaluable. Thank you to her for her service and for being pure orgasmic love in more ways then words can express. Your sex positivity and joy inspires. Living in the yummiverse always."

 ~Adela Mello, TX 

Live YOUR Orgasmic Life!

Where you may have spotted me!
Discover your orgasmic life!

I'm Dragonfly. I believe everyone deserves to learn how to embody more connection and pleasure so they can create fulfilling relationships and profoundly passionate sex to live an Orgasmic Life. 

I graduated from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality with a degree in Sexology. As well as trained as a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatica® practitioner. 

Living as a sex-positive, ethically non-monogamous, kinky woman, a wife of over 2 decades, lover, business owner, and educator, along with a few other identities. I know how difficult it can be to balance everything and still be sexy and thrive.

I feel deeply honored to support, share knowledge and skills to help others live a life they were born to live.

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I'm ready for you to join me.

Are you ready to learn and start living an Orgasmic Life?

Frequently Asked Questions

I receive your LoveLetter News emails. Does that mean I already have an account with Pure Orgasmic Love? And, does that give me access to the member's area? No. Signing up for the LoveLetter News emails means you are in the system to just receive those. This does not activate an account for the membership; you will need to sign up for membership separately. 

Do I need a partner to join? No. This knowledge begins with you first. Some members are single, and others are in various types of relationships with a partner. 

What if I've never done anything like this before and don't know much about sex? No worries. You don't have to know anything to be here. Most people haven't received adequate education and don't know very much about sex and relationship connections. You have come to the perfect place to learn and become proficient.

I've already taken some sex ed classes and worked with a sex therapist. Will I get anything out of your education?  Yes, that's the amazingness of learning. When you start and keep going, it expands your capacity to learn more. Over time, the more you accumulate the knowledge and understand how it fits into your life, you become more confident in using everything you have gathered from all your teachers.

I've seen other memberships that claim to be educational, but it was just porn. Is that what this is? Due to the nature of the subject matter, this membership will contain sexual content and some nudity, when necessary. All content is presented educationally to support you in learning anatomy, technique, and other skills needed.

How often will there be new content I can access? A new lesson playlist will be released every month; these playlists will vary in the number of lessons. You will also have access to the extra bonus content that is dropped monthly and at random.

How long is my membership active, and when does it expire?  Memberships are on a month to month basis. It’s active as long as your payments are in good standing-meaning you do not have any outstanding balance. It does not expire unless you cancel or your payment can not be successfully processed. 

How am I billed for my membership? Your card will automatically process every month on the day your membership was processed initially. Ex: If your membership was initially processed on 01/05/2021, then your membership would process again for renewal on 02/05/2021.

Do you offer refunds or prorate the membership?  There are no refunds or proration on the membership area subscriptions. By signing up to become a member, you receive full access to all content provided within the membership area, starting the day of sign up. 

How do I cancel my membership? This can be done within your emailed membership  monthly payment receipt.